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M-P.A.C.T.'s roots, personnel, and focus were borne of and remain firmly anchored to our collective maritime background and experience. With a plethora of talents that include commercial shipping and ship operations, regulatory and inspection responsibilities, law enforcement and tactical operations, as well as marine incident response and mitigation, our professional security experts and instructors posses the collective breadth of knowledge to solve your maritime security and emergency response needs.

In this day and age, the threat of international terrorism as well as commercial espionage can never be far from the minds of maritime business owners and managers. Most companies devote considerable resources to protect their interests from intrusion, injury or theft. However, for companies without a well thought out security strategy, the procedures and protocols implemented are too often in conflict with the smooth flow and efficiency of business. Commonly, the resulting product is a bit more security for the price of a diminished bottom line.

M-P.A.C.T will help you develop a sound security plan from the ground up or work to refine and improve your companies present plan. Our services include hardening and protecting sensitive or high value sites with region-experienced operatives who understand both local customs along with security issues. Through our strategic partnerships, we are able to ensure the security of your on scene and traveling staff. Through our alliances we are also able to provide cutting edge security systems to protect your facility. Ultimately, we will help you to establish and maintain a full customized security program that is workable for you and your employees.



Auditing [back to top]


Regardless of statutory requirements for performing audits of an existing vessel or ship security plan, a wise maritime manager wants to know just how well those important plans and processes actually perform. For the vessel security officer, and in particular for company security officers faced with several of these plans to oversee, the task can become overwhelming. Our maritime security professionals can help get this process back under control. We understand the industry we work in and the time line world it reflects. We also understand that as important as security audits and assessments are, the demands of maritime commerce make it vital that this process does not negatively impact tight schedules any more than necessary. Additionally, our security professionals have experience in building and implementing practical, cost effective ship security plans. M-P.A.C.T. has professionals who have worked from the regulatory side of the industry and are fully knowledgeable of what regulators expect to see. This unique range of experience will give your company the most comprehensive view in the industry how just how well your vessel and ship security plans are working.


M-P.A.C.T. maritime security specialists can provide relief from the periodic task of auditing existing facility and port facility security plans. This is a cost effective process that affords the facility manager a timely and accurate assessment on their facility plans. Having built plans and working them through the regulatory process has given our professionals extensive hands on experience in both ISPS and MTSA regulations. We offer the most experienced people in the field to help you look at your security plans through the eyes of an audit process, and to assist in anticipating the next steps in making your facility safe and secure.


Whether you are mandated by the ISPS code, MTSA, or your own local government, M-P.A.C.T. global maritime security specialists can help you complete the process of pulling together a comprehensive audit to verify that you are following your present program in its entirety. The scope of information to be evaluated and variables to be taken into account is broad in dealing with port wide security is vast. It requires a level of professionalism, experience and maritime knowledge that our specialists bring to the table. Our history of involvement in previous port audits gives us the ability and experience to analyze data in a real world context. M-P.A.C.T. possesses both the insight and maritime background to bring this critical information into an easy to understand report that is at once perceptive and actionable, while at all times maintaining a security sensitive approach.



Consulting [back to top]



M-PACT’s proprietary Maritime Security Compliance Management Program (MSCMP) is a comprehensive program for companies looking to simplify, yet strengthen and enhance their maritime security compliance measures.  The program is fully customized to meet the client’s exact specifications and needs, and unlike most maritime security programs,  is unique in that its true value is derived from combining three distinct characteristics:

    1. It incorporates all three primary maritime regulatory disciplines; SOLAS/ISPS, Contracting Governments (aka Flag States) & Port State Control Groups.

    2. It is designed to provide companies with a customized approach resulting in a universal set of company maritime security protocols.

    3. The process and execution of the program is totally transparent in that all work conducted - security plans, internal audits and findings, administrative files, personnel training records, as well as security drills & exercise calendars are fully accessible for client monitoring via M-P.A.C.T.’s secure, password protected Client Portal.

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Whether your vessel must meet the requirements of ISPS or MTSA, our security professionals stand ready to address all of your concerns. From the initial formations of vessel or ship security plans, all the way through the full implementation and auditing of those plans, M-P.A.C.T. can show you how to operate in a cost effective manner, not only helping you to meet regulations, but helping you in a way that reflects industry best practices. For existing plans we offer staffs who are experienced in drill formation, exercise development and a straightforward assessment process. Our maritime security professionals also have extensive experience in working with the vessel and company representatives responsible for regulating vessel or ship security plans in order to bring you an understanding of what both international and US regulations mean and require.


The process of developing facility security plans to meet the requirements of ISPS or MTSA can be both time consuming and cost prohibitive. M-P.A.C.T. is ready to assist you in all aspects of your facility security plan. From initial assessment, plan formation, regulatory processes, as well as exercises and audits.


Whether part of an initial security plan development process, or a look back at an existing security plan, the assessment process can be a daunting and time consuming task. M-P.A.C.T. can perform that task for you in a cost effective, timely manner that will reflect industry best practices and the constantly changing world of maritime security. Our assessment process looks at all aspects of your operation and the security issues that could affect it. The process will bring input from those with specific knowledge of your particular entity and include broader security issues that you might not be aware of. Through years of experience in all areas of maritime security, we are capable of identifying potential security problems so that they can be addressed before someone else identifies them at your peril. However, an assessment is only as good as the information it generates for you. M-P.A.C.T. will provide you with a summary and report that is directly actionable. You can use this assessment as a first step to having us build a customized security plan for you, or to amend an existing plan to meet today's growing challenges.


Does your port require an initial threat assessment or a follow up to verify that you have mitigated all the vulnerability to your ports critical infrastructure? Whether mandated by the ISPS code, MTSA, or your own local government, M-P.A.C.T. professionals will evaluate all aspects of your port and include the potential operational modalities in determining which assets are most vulnerable. From there we can determine the most likely scenarios that would compromise your security. We firmly believe that it is only through having all those with a stake in port security involved in the process of assessments that a complete and accurate picture can be developed.


The demanding schedule of a maritime executive can scarcely be stretched to cover existing daily events, putting the requirements of maintaining a smoothly functioning security program just out of reach. Regulatory demands and the constantly changing world of security add to that burden. M-P.A.C.T. can make this important function a manageable part of your system by designing a custom maritime security plan maintenance program for you removing the upkeep of your security plan from an otherwise busy schedule. M-P.A.C.T. can tailor a program that will do as much or as little of the routine or required functions of your ISPS or MTSA, required security plan as you wish. We can provide the training, drills, exercises, record keeping, audits and amendments that are required by your plan or even build you an entirely new plan with new assessments. We will diligently work it through the regulatory process for you, and then ensure that the plans components stay current. We believe that your security solution you contract should ensure regulatory compliance and reflect industry best practices, while still being cost effective and sustainable. Our maritime security experts have experience in all areas of security plan development and maintenance and have worked from both the maritime industry and the regulatory side of the process. We bring to you a unique understanding of how to provide the appropriate level of security and continue to be a productive maritime business.

Developing sound exercises, and then conducting and evaluating them, can be an expensive and time consuming proposition. M-P.A.C.T. can present you with high quality, time efficient exercises that will provide outstanding information on security plan effectiveness. Beyond the simple design and conduction of your exercise, M-P.A.C.T. professionals will give you the kind of analysts that will enable you to successfully pass an audit. Our security professionals include individuals who have worked both in the maritime industry and the regulatory agencies on issues dealing with exercise development, operation and evaluation. With real life experience in both worlds we will not only assist you in the self-evaluation of you security plans, but ensure that they also meet regulatory expectations. M-P.A.C.T. professionals have experience with exercises for all size facilities, vessels, single entities to multiple facilities, as well as small to large ports.

Drills are one of the constant requirements for any good security plan. It is only through frequent repetition of the required tasks and thinking through the responses that security becomes a habit and state of mind. Quality drills can be a challenge to set up and properly conduct. M-P.A.C.T. can teach you how to develop and conduct quality, focused drills that meet all regulatory requirements and that will assist you in becoming a better security officer.

Consultants believe in communicating with all sides of the problem to find the most comprehensive solutions. Our consultants reach out to the regulators and other people around your port to find the best possible solutions for identifying industry best practices. We bring the port state control professionals and industry professionals together to form our consulting group for all of your maritime issues. We use our knowledge of the industry to compile individual solutions that will fit your needs.



Training [back to top]

The true front line of defense in maritime security are the very people who work in our ports, port facilities, waterfront facilities, and who crew our vessels. Well-trained and knowledgeable employees are the key to detecting and keeping out intruders, as well as observing suspicious individuals and cargo. M-P.A.C.T. certificate courses meet the strict requirements of both the International Ship and Port Security Code (ISPS) and the maritime transportation security act of 2002 (MTSA) which prepare shore side or waterfront workers and ship's crew to take their place in protecting themselves and their workplace. M-P.A.C.T. global security professionals are experts in their field who include real life, practical exercises in every course so that students can immediately apply the skills they learn to their working environment. In addition, we offer a range of tactical programs designed to develop and enhance skills of a strictly practical nature. We can also formulate custom training programs to suit your particular needs. 


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IMO ISPS / U.S. MARAD MTSA / SAFE Port Act Security Training for Regulated Companies & Individuals

Company Security Officer - $985
Vessel Security Officer - $985
Company / Vessel / Ship Security Officer (STCW Certified) - $985
Facility Security Officer  - $985
Facility Personnel with Specific Security Duties  - $285
Vessel Personnel with Specific Security Duties  - $285
Port Facility Security Officer  - $985
Shipboard Personnel Having Specific Security Duties  - $285
Port Facility Personnel Having Specific Security Duties - $285


Maritime Security, Incident Management, & Emergency Response Training Series

          Awareness Level 

  Maritime Security for Military, First Responders & Law Enforcement Personnel  - $585
Port Awareness for "At Risk Neighborhoods"  - $135
          Performance/Tactical Operations Level
Tactical Boat Operations for Maritime Security & Law Enforcement Personnel  - $1,250
  TBO 2 Full TBO Course plus 1 additional day of Boarding Procedures & Techniques  - $1,595
Tactical Waterfront Operations for Maritime Security & Incident Response Teams  - $1,250
Tactical Underwater Operations for Port Security & Law Enforcement Personnel  - $1,250
Emergency Medical Operations in the Maritime Domain  - $725
          Management Level
Maritime Security & Incident Response Management for Senior Officials  - Price on Request
          Planning Level
Maritime Emergency Response Planning  - Price on Request
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